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Who we are?

We are a good team of people with a common goal: to professionally organize transport of a shipment. We all think that the satisfaction of our customers is a measure of our company's success. We make every effort to ensure that all our partners / clients want to cooperate with us permanently.

What we are doing?

The organization of the carriage of goods in Europe is our primary goal. We mainly deliver express shipments using vehicles up to 3.5t DMC in Europe. We also make efforts to ensure that NONE of the parcels are left without our transport valuation.

Why us?

We are a team of people for whom the satisfaction of companies cooperating with us is a special value. We carry out transports on our own vehicles or use the help of partners cooperating with us.

More about us

The "MENSO" company has been on the market since 2007. After more than ten years of activity, it can be proud of many successes in transporting goods in Poland, although mainly in the European Union and throughout Europe.


Our services

The main profile of the company's activity is the organization of the carriage of goods carried out in the European Union (but not only). We organize transport of both full and collective loads.